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At Tamara White Coaching, we help mature professional women develop the pathway to "live life on their own terms."  With 30+ years in the education, counseling and business world we specialize in providing women with solutions to create and realize their professional and personal dreams.



Do you want to live more courageously? Are you a woman who is struggling, dissatisfied or frustrated in your life or career?  Do you feel like you have no life balance? "Sick and tired of being sick and tired?!"  Do YOU want to discover what you really want NOW and your true desires? 

Schedule a complimentary Clarity Call with me to receive a personalized plan to help discover strategies and techniques on living beyond your circumstances.

I offer sessions, via tele-conference, phone or in-person. We will start with an initial assessment to clearly define your short and long term goals, everything from communication skills to personal acceptance. We will use these goals as a foundation to create a strategy for attaining these objectives. 

As a Certified Life Coach, I specialize in the following areas:

*Personal Growth
*Professional Development
ndset Transformation
*Confidence & Personal Power
*Inner Peace 
*Achieving Balance 
*Communication Skills

Please inquire about my life coaching packages to get optimal results at the best value.