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Tamara White is a radiant and powerful speaker who loves to see women live the life they want.


She empowers you to live successfully beyond your current circumstances while challenging you to live your truth, passion and dreams.

As a successful businesswoman, educator, counselor and coach she has followed her own prescription to do just that!

You will be motivated to succeed on the journey God has ordained just for YOU!


As a trained life coach, licensed professional counselor and motivational speaker, Tamara provides women with actionable steps on how they can change the trajectory of their lives and to take the steps needed to reach their goals, and live their passion.

"Women are the backbones of our families and communities.  We give so much to everyone, our spouses, children, parents, community and work, that we often lose sight of our needs, wants, goals and desires," says Tamara.


    1. Shifting Your Mindset to Get the Results You Want
    2. Living a Balanced Life: From Turmoil to Peace
    3. Steps to Overturn Regret, to Live Life Abundantly
    4. Living Beyond Your Circumstances


    • Leadership Conferences
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    • Other Women's platforms


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