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Dr. Tamara White

Certified Life Coach/Licensed Professional Counselor

Here’s why I see, hear, and feel you…

We as women grow up believing we can conquer the world. But then we might get married, start a family while still in school, and become so overwhelmed that our confidence erodes daily. That’s how my story started.

I’m not the only woman who left family and friends and moved across the country with her husband, a 2-month-old infant, and a preschooler. Like some of you - I had to make friends in a new place, finish school against huge odds, and figure out things on my own.

I was alone, depressed, plagued with fear and doubt - and silent.

I see you!
Have you lost your voice?
I’m grateful to the people who helped me find my voice.

If you’re like me, you’re excited when you finally reach your career goals. Each degree, certification, and license you wanted is in hand. You’re poised to do it all… have it all… the career and the family. Better yet, you’re not isolated, but surrounded by friends.  

In my situation, my husband wasn’t supportive, but he brought the check home, wasn’t abusive, and wasn’t a womanizer or cheater. I had my clinical license, a new check-the-box job,

and a stable family life. I was thankful, but not satisfied.   

I was weary - feeling guilty about wanting a higher quality marriage and life. Something needed to change.

One question kept popping up: “What is the point of it all?”

Can you relate?

Fortunately, I got help navigating the change that I needed.

I hear you!
The clock was ticking. I’m continued to move through a series of doors.

I left the check-the-box job - and stepped into a role created for me – by a great boss. Like some of you - by now I had a supportive new husband, a stable family, and another great boss. Things were good – until they weren’t.


They say 3’s a charm, but in my case, hell broke loose! My department grew and a third boss came in and created a toxic environment. I was miserable. I went from being celebrated – to being barely tolerated.

Are you being celebrated?


As the door closed on that toxic room, I was invited through the next door with a big welcome. But sometimes even when you’re comfortable, and nothing is obviously wrong – you sense you’re on the cusp of transition or “next”. Right? Well, it took woman in the office to nudge me out the door – she said, “Girl, go do you!”

I feel you!

I’m here to help you find your voice!

I’m here to help you navigate the change you need!

I’m here to nudge you to “Do You”!

Don’t wait – let’s face your fears, find your fulfillment, and frame your future!

Here’s what you can expect:

1 - Schedule a complimentary Strategy Call with me – to discover your concerns and starting point.

2 – We’ll identify a preliminary map to get you where you want to be.

3 – Then we’ll confirm our next steps.

We can chat about YOU, your SMALL GROUP, or your EVENT!

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