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Where Women Face Fears, Find Fulfillment, and Frame their Future.

How I Can Help You

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Afraid to speak up?

Maybe it’s not intentional, but you’ve been overlooked by some.

When you hesitated,

they moved on.

But the true you – your voice – and those daring dreams are held hostage by fear and doubt…

You need a dose of courage to confidently grab more from life…

And you’re not alone!

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Questioning your purpose?

Others say, “You have it all.”

But you ask,

“How did I get here?”

You may be weary and

even a bit frustrated.

You’re not selfish to finally

move your needs to the front…

You’re not crazy for validating your true purpose and plan…

And you’re not alone!

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Ready for next?

People see your accomplishments and accolades, and assume you’re fulfilled. Your anxiety and emptiness aren’t visible to the naked eye. Maybe you want a change, or unexpected changes are being forced on you…

You don’t want to wonder anymore – “What’s next?

Is this all there is?”

And you’re not alone!

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Someone to listen?
Someone to trust?
Need to crush fear?
Explore ideas – possibilities?
A nudge for courage?
Craving clarity?

Trust our safe judge-free zone!

Dr. Tamara White
Certified Life Coach

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What people are saying about Tamara White Coaching

Confident Woman


Working with Tamara has empowered my to step out on faith and face my fears. Her coaching has opened me u to so many opportunities that I otherwise would not have taken because of fears holding me back. I am grateful for Tamara’s willingness to help me to go from fearful to fearless.


Tamara White’s coaching has impacted my life in a phenomenal way that no one else could ever do. She is compassionate about her clients and takes the time to really understand your needs and puts a plan of action in place to help you reach your goals. She made sure that my needs as a client were met and my concerns were listened to. I would highly recommend Tamara White as a Life Coach because she is passionate about helping women to become courageous in everything they do.

Confident Smile


Tamara White or Tam as I call her. You see we have been friends for over thirty years. If it were not for Tamara White’s guidance I would not have made it through many obstacles in my life. She is truly a Godsend. She has always been the voice of reason and a fresh perspective. She has always been my Life Coach even before she became a Certified Life Coach. She has shown me how to be purposeful in life and to by my most authentic self. I now have the voice and courage to be unapologetically me.

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Here’s what you can expect:

1 - Schedule a complimentary Strategy Call with me  to discover your concerns and starting point.
2 – We’ll identify a preliminary map to get you where you want to be.
3 – Then we’ll confirm our next steps.
We can chat about YOU, your SMALL GROUP, or your EVENT!

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